With the ‘New Trail’ we’re taking you back where it started. PANDO wear was created as a result of unbeatable desire to find new ways for self-expression, and our new collection is here to show you those ways. Are you ready for an adventure?

We know that form and function are the main criteria for our customers, and we strive to achieve excellence in both. Our low rise and cigarette fit jeans have been created using preciously selected heavyweight denim from the highest quality Italian and Turkish suppliers. Top fashion players are using their denim, and we’re always aiming to reach the high mark that they’ve set.

New Trail features the newest fabrics, fits, trims and effects that help to maintain our rugged identity. PANDO jeans, sweatshirts and coats from this collection, share the mountain climber attitude, using symbolic climbing details such as hooks, detailed back pockets and metal ringlets.

To create perfect washing effects we used several innovative treatment technologies, including ozone and laser, which save both water and energy, and are friendlier to Mother Earth. All denim has been selected in heavyweight, so it will last ages without loosing its’ structure. Sweatshirts have been treated using ice and cold dye techniques, and finished up with laser print. Our printed and plain winter coats are made from high quality Italian fabric with 80 percent wool, which will keep you warm during the cold months and will fit you like a glove.

It has been a great journey for us, creating this collection. Now we hope it will be the same for you, wearing it.

New Trail