PANDO Wear presents their new FW16 collection called ‘The Powers That Be’, which was inspired by the naval forces. In the present day, where bullets, fear and hate are hurting all of us, PANDO Wear invites us to join the war, where love is the only weapon that can unite the nations and destroy the demons. This season PANDO Wear team has put a particularly big creative effort into developing a collection and paid a lot of attention to history. Not the one that’s taught in schools, but the one related to people’s feelings, memories, ways used to fight the system and them being heroes and legends. For this collection unique models were created, exclusive fabrics were chosen, new washing and dyeing effects were invented – everything to make sure that when wearing PANDO Wear, you know you are the revolutionist and your mission is to break the moral code. PANDO Wear team states that their sole purpose is to encourage people to fight the boring, to remove the grey surroundings, to be bright – REBEL!
The new PANDO Wear Fall/Winter collection as always aims to present originality. It was born for you to feel different, to stand out.
Maritime forces, as opposed to ground forces, are built for the action in the sea and that fact has a huge influence on the garments. Navy colour shades dominating in the collection are embracing mostly everything from masculine wool coats to outstanding-wash jeans and sweatshirts – all embodying the wild waves and the marine atmosphere. It all was achieved by using the highest quality denim, designed in-house, custom woven checked fabric, soft wool, knitted denim with unique features, tencel fabric dyed with blue gold – indigo, and other things. Working together with the industry experts, using lasers, dyes, and chemical processes, PANDO Wear created unique washing effects, which are used for the new models.
Style, comfort, quality and identity are the rules that PANDO Wear people live by. Simple? Yes, but damn essential.







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